HIW Natural LTD


CBD What makes us different?

We are a UK based online CBD distributor aiming to provide our customers with a CBD oil like no other, Our products not only improve your wellbeing, help with pain and improve brain function your memory gets a boost, your moods will improve and say goodbye to stress,

Health is Wealth have helped customers with numerous medical conditions and they return month after month. Our CBD is something very close to our hearts and we take pride in seeing each and every result from our customers.

A bit about us,

I suffer from crohns disease and after trying all the prescription medication the NHS could throw at me I found they helped very little if anything at all.
After seeing a short Video about a young boy in the states who a had done a months course of CBD, the video showed pictures of a before and after survey of his gut which showed no signs of the illness once the months course had finished. So I went looking for the best CBD products on the market ,

I tried all the high streets CBD and found that non were effective but continued to read about people getting better and using oils that are not from the UK, so i did some research and found an oil from Colorado that was higher strength, with active terpenes and a long list of happy customers, *That was my oil*

After 2 weeks of using it I was pain free and now months and months down the line I would say 90% Of the time I’m completely unaware that its even there. Because of this I decided to look into starting a venture and import that exact product from the leading manufacturer In the USA.

We now have a fair sized customer base who are all happy with the products and the results they are seeing. All of our products are made with a broad spectrum oil which means they contain all other of the relevant cannabinoids and terpenes but contains 0% THC (The psychoactive substance).

My business partner has suffered from severe anxiety disorder and PTSD since she was a child, Her anxiety was that bad at points that a panic attack would follow and a hospital visit would always be the end result.

It has effected her life since she can remember and its something that she thought she would have to live with for the rest of her life.
She also suffers from arthritis in her wrists and rib cage after a trauma to the bones many years ago. And digestive problems another complaint she had dealt with for years.

She like me knew there was a better option out there than the CBD the high street is selling, also doing research into different strains, strengths terpenes, looking for something better than what’s on offer.
She tried my oil and that was that, Health is Wealth was born,

Within just under a week she felt her life had changed in so many ways,  she no longer gets anxiety unless a normal situation that would cause anxiety would arise, she no longer feels panic and finds her concentration, PMT and mental health has improved dramatically, to point out she has tried every pharmaceutical medication there is with serious side effects to all, enough for her to have continued living with this disorder for a majority of her life.

She has also tried all natural anxiety supplements with nothing enabling her to function in life like she should, St john’s wort, 5THP, SAME, everything there was to offer,

This has changed both our life’s and now all we want to do is share our amazing CBD oil and help people like us lead normal life’s without chemically enhanced, synthetic, side effect causing medication the pharmaceutically industry is making billions from ultimately keeping everyone sick. Do your research and if you decide to give it a go choose us, we openly share our 3rd party lab test results because we are proud of our oil, this is the real deal,

Don’t take our word for it, Try it all you can do, No side effects good for your body there is nothing more to say. The list of what this miracle plant can do for you is endless.

Please see our guide to CBD for a list of ailments our CBD could help with and information on the science behind the plant.