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Amazing Testimonial

Fragile x syndrome learning disabilities with autistic traits and anxiety
Customer Testimonial
We had a customer come to us after reading about the positive effects of using CBD with such a condition as fragile X. The customer proceeded to send us an update the following week and the week after as she was amazed with the results.
We 100% stand by our products but hearing results back like this make it worth while.
As to keep the customers details private to her as Mrs B
UPDATE 1 Mrs B: After being picked on by the same child at school since pre school today my daughter stood for herself, my daughter doesn’t have a bad bone in her body and if she wanted to stick up for herself she would be more than capable however due to the fragile x syndrome she finds it hard to do so and the said bully knows this making it easy for them.
Well yesterday she came home so pleased with her self, the bully approached my daughter who was with her friends, the bully began showing off and picking on her as she done for so long, but to my surprise what she said next really had me shocked, my daughter went nose to nose with the bully and screamed in her face “bloody bring it on idiot, I’m not taking it no more.
As you can imagine it stopped the young kid in there tracks. My daughter was so chuffed with herself as she would never dreamed of doing that before.
Mrs B: Just another update on my daughters progress on the CBD oil. Not only has she stood up to the bully at school but yesterday she stood on stage in front of 200 people. Not only did she perform her school leavers play which in its self is a massive deal for her due to her massive anxiety issues. She also sang solo to the 200 people. I never ever thought i would see her overcome her anxiety and lack of self confidence like she has done today, she absolutely smashed it!!
Thank you Mrs B