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Mum stumbles across miracle cure

Mum left short of options stumbles across miracle cure!

Cheryl Halliburton a young mother began suffering with eczema after falling pregnant 4 years ago. The flare ups on her face and neck area were so bad it often left the skin red raw to the point she wouldn’t leave the house being so self conscious.

As a child cheryl had suffered with eczema but grew out of it and now believes that it stems from a hormone imbalance in her body which was then resurfaced as the pregnancy began leaving her skin sore and itchy.

“It would flare up every couple of days depending on what I was eating and it would be an uncontrollable itch and no cream I put on it would soothe it, in fact, it would often make it worse.
“I would feel like I wanted to rip my skin off. I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore as I was just not getting any answers from the doctors.

“On bad days I wasn’t even able to take my daughter to nursery or would be unable to work or leave the house and a combination of antihistamine and painkillers would make me drowsy.”

After being continuously given steroid tablets by her GPs they was still no closer to the route of the problem however finding it manageable, yet she feared going on nights out worrying if she was to drink alcohol or eat something she shouldn’t it could easily be brought back to the forefront.

Then on august the 2nd last year a flare up spiralled out of control. Cheryl’s husband Craig could not bare to see her suffer in such pain, with this he rushed her to hospital in elgin.

“I couldn’t move my face and neck and there were open wounds on my chest that were weeping. I was cold and shaky and felt like I wanted to be sick, and was placed on a drip overnight to treat the infection that had gotten into my skin”

“All my tests came back normal and doctors wanted to discharge me so I could be treated at home but I broke down to a nurse as I felt like I couldn’t go on”

“It seemed there was never going to be an answer.”

After seeing his daughter quickly running out of options Cheryl’s dad made the suggestion of maybe trying CBD. She gave it some thought and also researched it and decided to give it a go. After trying the oil she decided it wasn’t to her taste and found CBD in the from of vape liquid.

2 weeks had passed and Cheryl was left stunned, not only had her skin cleared up but the flare ups had stop also.

CBD is also believed to have anti ageing properties, along with many other benefits.